Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unlocking What Really Matters

After much late night soul searching I have come to the conclusion that I really need to decide what I really want to do. So today will mainly consist of making a plan and going through it. Sorry about the lack of art from KatGirl Studio we have lots of projects in the works so keep checking back.

Today’s Feature Artisan

Heading to a historical faire or just into old world style? Why not check out Dulcissima’s vintage jewelry.

Tanya Rippel rescues old objects and breath’s new life into them over at Dulcissima. Tanya strives to uncover long forgotten everyday things and gives them a chance to become something beautiful. This is not unlike my favorite children’s story the Velveteen Rabbit, so I have to ask is Tanya our vintage fairy? I have always been fascinated by keys, locks and antiques so this piece really caught my eye with its swirling curves and petals. So if you like this find or are curious what a timeless treasure could do for your wardrobe check out Dulcissima.

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