Thursday, September 25, 2008

Designs in the Works

Been working on the designs for a client while waiting to send out my packets. There was a problem with my stamp so they’re making me a new one to pick up later today. Which reminds me, if anyone is in need of design work or illustration services I do have time available.

Today’s Feature Artisan
Betsy B

In need of a stuffed friend to decorate your desk, home or car? Then stroll over the Betsy B.

Betsy B creates adorable llamas from reclaimed materials along with other interesting items. Each Cloud, the Earth Friendly Fluffy Llama is hand crafted from her own pattern on a vintage sewing machine while the details are lovingly hand sewn. If just getting your hands on one of these treasures isn’t enough she also offers kits and patterns to make you very own Cloud Llama. So if you’re in need of a stuffed friend that good for the environment as well why not stop by Betsy B.

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