Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Day at Pixar

On Monday I had the privilege to visit Pixar Animation Studios for a private tour and portfolio review. A friend of the family, Arun, is a programmer there and was kind enough to take time out of his day to show me around the main studio. Pixar’s main building has a rotating exhibit of the most current movie in the case Wall E and some sections of their older films. It was a great honor to be given a private tour since Pixar is closed to the public and does not give any public tours. People who know me well know I’m a collector of concept and “art of” books and so to see the concept art in person was really exciting and awe inspiring. While we walked around Arun pointed out all of Jay’s (his friend I would meet later) pieces on the walls.

After the tour we met up with his friend Jay for lunch, which was very taste. After lunch Arun had to run to a meeting so Jay, who worked on Star Wars Episode 1 before coming to Pixar 6 years ago, was kind enough the go through my portfolio with me. He offered me some insight on what the directors would be looking for in portfolios and about the hiring process. I know have a better understanding of the difference in what directors look for in book portfolios vs. concept or story artist portfolios. I would like to give a big thanks to both of them and I hope to someday work with them there.

On a different note Pixar has its one store at the studio that sells some special things. I picked up a shirt some Golden books (another thing I collect is children’s books) and this cute plushy box set that was marked at only $10.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Spent most of the day ordering various supplies for WonderCon and the upcoming arrivals to my store. As well I made a few thinks like bookmarks and product tags.

Today’s (and yesterdays) pieces are updated versions of my character studies.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Arrivals in the Studio Shop!

I’ve added a few new items to the KatGirl Studio shop! Mostly Fine Art prints left over from the past convention. If you’ve seen me at a convention in the past year the Fine Art prints are on the beautiful paper I use for my portfolio.

Art-a-thon Update
I’ve updated the rules to the Art-a-thon challenge to be alittle less hard because all our members seemed to drop out over the holidays. You can check out the challenge here.

Today’s piece is the details for The Color of Snow.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American Pride

Today is a landmark day for many reasons. Like many of you out there I watched the 44th Presidential Inauguration, not because I was supposed to or because someone made me, but because I truly wanted too. For years I’ve watched movies in which the presidents inspire confidence, pride and courage in the people they are speaking too. I always wished those people, those characters could be our real president. But today, for the first time I realized that we do get to have one of those awe inspiring people to lead us. To raise us up one again to the country people dream to come to, to the place that some risk their lives to reach. A place where anyone no matter who they are or where they’re from can be anything they desire to be. Today I am proud to be an American.

Today’s piece is the finished version The Color of Snow.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wearable Art Creation 2

Today I worked out the final formula for sealing my artwork for the jewelry and how to create the rest. This piece is the first Mini Masterpiece: Into the Woods. This piece features purple artisan speckled glass beads and an antiqued silver stamped frame. The jewelry line is set launch at WonderCon 2009 so stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wearable Art Creation

I spent part of the day trying out different ways to create the line of jewelry I’m developing. Since some of the pieces are still outside curing here are just some of the pieces I made today. The set launch date is WonderCon 2009 so stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SAC Anime and New Project

SAC Anime was really fun but it left me exhausted, if I can help it I won’t be doing a show alone ever again. I met a lot of really cool people I hope to see again in the future. To all of you who came by the table to pick up some goodies, browse or just say hi thank you for supporting KatGirl Studio. To those who ordered special prints they are in the mail and on their way to you. The coolest thing that happened at the Con was that I got to talk to Tom Kane who voiced Yoda in the most recent Star Wars movie along with a lot of other characters from shows I watched as a kid. My friend’s dad was kind enough to wait in line to have my light saber signed for me since I was stuck at the table. I've uploaded the pictures I took to my FaceBook feel free to tag someone if you know them. oh ya and aparently the shirt I'm wearing in the above pic was in an episode of Heros.

New Project
As I mentioned at the Con I’ve been working on launching a line of jewelry featuring my artwork. Above is a digital mock up of the jewelry. Each piece will also have color coordinating artisan glass beads. These are the selected artworks that will be made into Mini Masterpiece Wearable Art:

Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger)
Into the Woods (Little Red Riding Hood)
Arctic Fox
Equus (a play staring Daniel Radcliffe)
Holiday Art
The Color of Snow (artwork coming soon)
The 7th Door
Portrait of a lady
The Lion and the Mouse
Stalking the Elusive Quetzal
The Lovers (Forest Meeting)
Snow Leopard portrait (artwork coming soon)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Super Tired

Thursday, January 8, 2009

KatGirl Studio at SAC Anime

I know it’s a bit last notice but I just found out yesterday that we got a table at SAC Anime. Because of the short notice my roommate won’t be able to make it so I have the table all to myself. KatGirl Studio will be at table #16 in the Small Press Zone. I will also have our new table pet Huginn Valravn (Hue-in Val-riven) so stop by to find out what he is. I’ll have prints, Giclees, fine art prints, print tests (artist proofs), and buttons. Sometime in the middle of each day I will also be giving mini book demos so please stop by and say hi!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Art-a-thon #32: The Sea of Imagination

Busy at work finishing up some new portfolio pieces and getting everything ready to be sent into Spectrum 16.

A girl watches a school of odd creatures float by in a waterless subterranean sea.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Art-a-thon # 31: Captain Greyfur & Mr. Whiskers

Sorry about today’s late post I had to rescue a friend.

Today’s piece is a character study of Captain Greyfur & Mister Whiskers

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

Hope your new year is off to a good start! Yesterday I went to my friend’s Sally & Drew’s wedding which was very nice and very unique just like them. I’d like to wish them a lifetime of happiness and all the love in the world.

Yesterday was also New Years Eve so there were mad lines everywhere and a flurry of excitement. I on the other hand staid home (well after coming home from the wedding) watched Andromeda Strain and back episodes of the Sara Conner Chronicles, ate a burrito and drank champagne while playing WOW. I haven’t a clue what’s geeky than that but feel free to let me know.

My New Year’s resolutions are:
• The keep up the Art-a-thon challenge (though for everyone’s sake the new rules will be modified to exclude holidays as well as weekends.)
• To continue to bring forth the best work I can
• To stop neglecting to work on the COR project (it’s something I’ve been working on here and there since 2003) and actually set aside time to collect it all in one place and see what I have.

The first piece of the new year is a painting of Xcaret(ish-car-et) from my children's book Stalking the Elusive Quetzal.