Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fanime, Graduation, Newspaper & Illusive Comics party

The last few weeks have been so busy I’ve barely been able to get online but here’s a recap for you.

KatGirl Studio was at famine this past weekend for the first time. We were table #124 in artists alley near to our very nice neighbors the toontwins and behind us slimu. I met a ton of new people including some people on my DA watch list, passed out nearly 800 biz cards and even sold some prints. Sadly my lulu books arrived late and in such poor condition they were unsellable and currently I am trying to get correct books or a refund which brings me to the question: Who do you use to print your art books? And has anyone else had issues with lulu? On a different note I ran out of time to finish my Witch Hunter Robin costume for Fanime but I did acquire all the fabric and draft the patterns. Aleric bought me the complete collection of the same anime as a belated b-day present and I picked up some pale lavender eyes and black boots for my BJD, no wigs though guess I’ll have to wait till Dollectable. All in all the con was awesome and my studio along with Aleric’s will be at many more events in the years to come. Lastly if you came by the table please note me or leave a message on my profile so I can add you to my friends =^.^=

I finished up school on the 16th and graduation was the next wed. It was sad to say goodbye to all my classmates, many of which do not live in CA and I may not see again for a very long time. The graduation was held at the Cow Palace due to the fact that there were nearly 8k people in attendance. When we walked out onto the red carpet to sit for the ceremony it reminded me of the last seen in Speed Racer because you could only see the vague shapes of people and there were cameras flashing everywhere. Hours later we were graduates standing outside the building desperately trying to keep our caps from flying away. Later my family and some friends went to Outback and they tried to figure out how to cram all 20+ of us in there (good thing it was a weekday). All and all it was a great day and I now have a BFA in Illustration.

I along with my boyfriend and our friend Keith were interviewed for the San Jose Mercury News while attending SuperCon. You can read the article here The con was pretty cool, got to pick up some books I had been meaning to order and say high to one of my old instructors. I even picked up an out of print copy of Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Greg Hildebrandt making it the 5th Unicorn Press book I have illustrated by him.

Illusive Comics party

My friend Anna who owns Illusive Comics is throwing a one year anniversary party this Saturday starting at 11am. If your geeky and live in this part of California feel free to stop by. The address is 2725 El Camino Real Suite #105 Santa Clara Ca, 9505.

p.s. It was also my b-day on the 12th, yay I’m 24!