Thursday, September 4, 2008

Con-X-Treme, Etsy & SiliCon

I’ve spend the last few days avoiding writing about the con since I don’t usually like to speak ill of anyone, but I can’t just let other’s fall into this trap if the con is still around next year. I’ve never seen a more mismanaged travesty than what took place at Con-X-Treme and I’ve been in student run school plays. The con was over pitched, they made it seem much more professional that it was and lied more than once about what was going to be there. Half of the things I went there to do never even took place including the charity auction. The staff there nice but basically forced to do the bidding of the one person in charge and as I found out later had to pay to get in just like everyone else. I felt worst for the attendee’s since they paid $30 for a day pass and there was almost nothing to do. We gave one attendee, Jeff Lee an impromptu art lesson after across the room silent hangman stopped being fun. All that unpleasantness aside I did meet some cool people Joey Jordan A fantasy/SiFi artist from Washington, Steve Savage creator of the blog Fan-to-Pro and the guys of the local band Phoenix Ash. I also re-met Jen of Juror2 who I had seen around our area at farmers markets in the past. Scott Aleric and I were also asked to be in a panel by Joey where we discussed design, color theory and layout. I could go on and on about why the con was a complete and utter failure but frankly I’ve got more important things to do.

Links to cool people:

On a more pleasant note the KatGirl Studio’s shop is now open! I’m operating it through Etsy, though you can also get to it through my site. Etsy for those of you who don’t know is an online marketplace for handmade items. Unlike ebay they don’t charge you to open an online shop, just a tiny fee to sell an item plus it looks more like a cute boutique than a used junk warehouse. Currently there are only Giclée’s(fine art archival prints) and prints but soon there will be mini masterpiece wearable art, mini canvas prints, ACEO’s and other cool handmade items in my shop. Also I am designing plushy Kiki Kitties (our mascot) that will hopefully become available for adoption around the holidays. Please check out my shop if you’re bored, in need of a gift or tired of staring at plain white walls.

KatGirl Studio will be at SiliCon October 3-5. I will be sharing a table in the Artist’s Colony area with Scott Aleric the creator of Hell Has Found Me & Lost Graphics Studio. You won’t be able to miss us with our shiny new 89 in. retractable banners. We went last year and had a blast I was even a last min. stand-in in the Lolita Fashion Show. This year Peter S. Begal the creator of the Last Unicorn will be there along with a lot of other cool people.

I’ll be offering the same images that are in my store at SiliCon so if you’re planning on attending save yourself the shipping and just pick one up there. If you are attending the con and want one of my images as a print and it’s not one of these please email me and I can see about making one for you. I will also be offering some buttons and maybe a few other goodies as well. So come by and ask me whatever you like or just say hi.

I will be part of the following panels and workshops at Silicon:
Saturday, October 4th, 2008
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm in Monterey Room: Digital vs. Traditional Art

Standing Out in a Sea of Awesome: Marketing for Artists

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