Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Snow Leopards, Wedding Art & Experiments

Snow Leopards
Finished another Snow Leopard piece yesterday, surprisingly many people are amazed at how I produce them. To me it’s simple really I first “sketch out the basic outline and marking placement of the animal. Then I add the base shading over the whole piece. Lastly the most time consuming step I start at one end and work up the details with a mech pencil, kneaded eraser and an eye shadow wand. I cover the parts I’ve already worked on with a piece of tracing paper so I don’t rub off my work with my hand. I guess how you produce art is just one of those things you have to discover for yourself through trial and error.

Wedding Art
My friend Sally asked if she could use one of my pieces of art for her wedding invites (of course I said yes). I’m going to be taking care of all the production & design and trips to the printers which got me thinking maybe I should think about offering this service to others. I’ve been trained as an Illustrator to do such production and have been told my graphic design skills are up to par so maybe I’ll add that service to my list.

I experimented with shrink dinks yesterday the first few came out alittle wonky but the last one came out ok but looks awful when I try to photograph it. I’m not sure the it produced reliable enough results to use as a business material so I’m back to waiting for my supplies to arrive. They sure are taking their sweet time or maybe it just seems that way because I really want to try them out now.

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Bejeweled said...

OMG! Your snow lion drawing is amazing!! You are soo talented!

Katgirl Studio said...

thanx =^.^=

Katgirl Studio said...

oh you go to ren faires, I do those!