Monday, September 15, 2008

Party at Illusive

On Saturday I biked with my family to the Santa Clara Art and Wine to check out display ideas and run into people I’ve known my whole life. The festival is different from others because it takes place in the city and not a down town (because we don’t have one). As well all the food booths benefit different charities and groups along with most of the drinks. While sitting in the grass eating lunch we ran into my friend Jet who mentioned it was my friend Tim’s B-day party at Illusive later that day. Illusive is my friend Anna’s comic book store also in Santa Clara, she’s awesome and throws cool holiday parties full of geekiness. People show up, catch up with each other’s lives, munch on food and rock out to the music being piped out of Rock band. We laugh, show each other cool things we found on the web and generally just hang out in a safe geek-friendly environment. Illusive’s not your typical comic store and offer’s a nice mix of comic’s for both children and adults, art book, manga, funny shirt’s, geeky buttons, games and more.

If you’re new to the area or just in need of a good comic shop (this one’s owned by a girl) check out Illusive Comics on El Camino in Santa Clara.

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