Monday, September 22, 2008

Submissions: Take Two

Came down with an awful cold so I’m still in the process of gathering/making the items for the packets. The same question still stands: When sending out sample images to publishers do you only put one image on a page or a few? If anyone has info on the subject please leave a comment.

Today’s Feature Artisan

Where breathtaking beauty meets old world glamour.

After an apprenticeship in Florence, Italy, designer jeweler Allison Hourcade, the creator of RockLove came to NYC to start her indie jewelry label. RockLove’s jewelry breath’s new life in to old world style with gorgeous hand carved and cast nickel-free sterling silver and breathtakingly beautiful photos. If you’re in need of a little old world beauty to add glamour to any outfit why not check out RockLove.

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