Friday, September 19, 2008


I’m in the process of sending out submission packets to publishers but came to a snag in deciding what “samples” actually means. When sending out sample images to publishers do you only put one image on a page or a few? If anyone has info on the subject please leave a comment.

Today’s Feature Artisan
The House of Mouse

In need of a little house mouse to keep you company at work or home? Why not scurry over to the House of Mouse and adopt one.

Anna of The House of Mouse brings to life our favorite characters, singers, & people in mouse form. I had a hard time choosing a favorite mouse because they are all so wonderfully crafted, so I chose Indiana Jones Mouse because something about a little mouse going on Indi sized adventures is unbelievably cute. Each house mouse is individually hand crafted and comes with a complete outfit and props to fit their theme. You even get a signed and wax stamped certificate of authenticity and a surprise goody as well. Not only do you get an awesomely cute house mouse to come live with you or a friend, but a portion of the proceeds also benefit the British Animal Welfare Charity to help wonderful recue animals find good homes. Every kitty companion I have ever had was a rescue and so I fully support this. So if you’re a little lonely or just in need of a few more laughs why not pick up your own House Mouse and benefit animals everywhere both real and crafted.


sugarskull said...

I love the features, you're doing a great job with them. :)

Katgirl Studio said...

thanx I'm kinda new to this but i'm doing my best.