Monday, June 2, 2008

Updates & Being Sick Sucks

As of today KatGirl will update every Monday with a new piece of art, sketch or production concept. If this goes well expect a 3-a-week schedule to soon follow. There will also be a blog post(much like this one) about what I’m up to at the studio.

To all you cool people who came by the KatGirl Studio table at Fanime work on the shiny new is underway (though you have no visible proof at this moment) once that is complete, prints and other items will become available as promised. There will also be an opt-in yahoo group with a newsletter and such. I still have not resolved the book problem with lulu and so the Netherverse books are still not available at the moment.

On a side note I’m horribly sick (didn’t get out of bed till 3pm yesterday) which sucks. So things are slower going than I had hoped for my first week studio production. After I get well KatGirl studio will have official operating hours from 9-5 though the studio is not open to the public.

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