Monday, June 16, 2008

Broken Windshields & Site Progress

Last week seemed soooo long. Apparently I had a chip in my windshield on the driver’s side because when I got my car washed on Wednesday the cool water combined with the hot window resulted in a crack that went from the bottom left corner of the window to nearly the rear view mirror. I called up one place and they said they only fixed window not replaced them and I had to ask “How the hell do you fix a three foot crash in a windshield?” The answer is they don’t. Luckily a local window replacement place had my window (which is odd because my car was never popular in this area) and replaced it the same day.

On another note I cleaned up my computer so I actually have room to do work now. I finished the site mockup layout for the new site so all that’s left is to color and build it in flash. Each page (except the store) will have a different Kiki and all the buttons will roll over to a new picture. I still need to do the about picture but at the moment its not important.

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