Monday, June 9, 2008

Website, Updates and Why Lulu is Irritating

Been working on the illustrations for my new site design for the KatGirl Studio site which will also be in flash (like the current one) and feature my company mascot Kiki Kitty. It will also have a pay pal enabled shopping cart (since they emailed me back with how to implement it in flash) so people to order prints and the soon to be coming Kiki Kitty plushies. I have also started updating my DA gallery with the last of my Academy work. I also joined 3 new communities this weekend Cosplay, Gaia and the CG Society so if you’re a member of one of those send me a note.

I finally got some intelligent person at lulu to talk to me and admit that their printers screwed up my book. If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about I will recap. Over a month ago I ordered books from Lulu, I read all the site instructions (that were actually given) and made my books. I read the info on how long it would take and added the shipping time and paid for the faster than normal shipping time so the lasts I would get the books was the Thursday before Fanime. Not only did the books arrive Saturday while I was already at the con, they were in such bag condition they were unsellable. All the artwork was so badly drowned in magenta that the skies were purple in all the day scenes (you don’t even what to know what the others looked like), the blacks of the pages were spotty like someone had colored them with marker, and even though I allowed for page cutting with plenty of bleed there were still white borders on almost ever page that sometimes appeared on the top, bottom binding or outside. Don’t they have quality checks or something, who on earth would let these things pass let allow ship them to me way late? Firstly they tried to say I was my fault but I outwitted the first chick (I mean I do have a degree in illustration) The person I last talked to is like the 5th or 6th I believe, and by talked to I mean emailed since Lulu doesn’t have a customer help line our any line for that matter. The new person said I have to upload all my files again since something on their end messed with my files then email then and the will send me new books. Sounds nice until you add up all the time I’ve spent trying to fix their screw up. As it stands I will most likely never use their services again, if this second printing comes out ok I will continue to offer the book but all new books and printed items I will have printed through a local print shop I found. I met one of the owners already (he’s super nice) and saw a bunch of things that were printed there (most of the businesses in the downtown use them). When I get something printed there expect a review here.

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