Monday, June 30, 2008

New KatGirl Studio Site Lanched!

I don’t have a new piece of art this week other than the watercolor I did at faire this past weekend for my friend Amy’s Birthday. I do however have a whole new site up! There weren’t really any problems with the old one (other than its small size) but this one fits my current art direction focus (children’s books) better. The old site is still up and can be accessed thru the Treats page from the link entitled “Old Site”. Please take a look at the New KatGirl Studio site and let me know if there are any bugs, issues, or broken links. I checked it myself but I could always use more eyes. The store is not currently up, just so you know because the products have yet to be ordered so check back in the future.

The next thing on the list to do is work on my mini promo book for the SCBWI LA conference and the other printed materials I will need. I also need to finish my contact list, order new biz cards and post cards and send out mailers. Like always its busy busy busy here at KatGirl Studio.

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