Monday, May 4, 2009

Moving, Projects and Computer crash

Sorry about the lack of art lately, I assure you we are actually quite busy at KatGirl Studio. We have been preparing to move (only 2 weeks away), rebuilding the website (it ate itself) and negotiating contracts for major upcoming projects.

Website and Computer Crash… Again
Last month KatGirl Studio’s website decided to rewrite some of its own code (scary I now) taking the whole site down in the process. While in the midst of repairing that problem the studio computer’s 3 month old hard drive decided to kill itself taking everything that wasn’t saved to the external hard drive with it (i.e. the fixed website, 2009 contact list, various sketches and documents for upcoming and in progress projects etc.) This then seemed like an opportune moment to design and create the new sections of the site since the whole site needed to be updated anyways. So stay tuned for KatGirl Studio’s two new site sections.

KatGirl Studio will be relocating in the next two weeks to a larger space with better lighting. It’s really exciting but a lot of work. Everything that is not important has been packed away in boxes. This of course also means that we will have to file for new permits and Business licenses.

Upcoming Projects
KatGirl Studio is currently in negotiations for a few upcoming projects. However I can’t talk about them just yet. I can however talk about my children’s book, Stalking the Elusive Quetzal. The book creation is progressing along nicely and I hope to have the completed book dummy ready for viewing at Fanime.

The newest sketches for Stalking the Elusive Quetzal

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