Monday, November 24, 2008

Art-a-thon #6: Stalking the Elusive Quetzal page 7, Wedding & New Dickens Costume

Yesterday I went to my friend Heather (Scott Aleric’s little sister) and Sean’s wedding. It was the first wedding I’ve gone to as an adult and the first wedding I’ve gone too in 10 years. It was a really lovely outdoor wedding with some funny surprises. The music was awesome and the food was even better. Most of all Heather looked beautiful and I wish her and Sean all the best in the world for their new life together.

New Dickens Costume

Saturday I drove around town picking up patterns and fabric for my new Dickens’ costume so I can spend the second half of the day walking around as a “normal person”. I’m my case it will be a visiting French artisan. I found a nice periwinkle silk and they were even having a sale so it was $40 less than I thought it would be! Today I hand washed (in my bath tub) my Bo Peep costume since it’s never been washed and after a couple years of wear (this will be the 4th year) it was looking a little dirty. After it dries I’ll make the needed repairs (just a few stitches here and there) and it will hopefully look fresh and new. After washing my first costume I set to work cutting out the new costume’s top pattern pieces which will be modified to look like my friends awesome costume. After that I measured out the right amount of the blue silk for the skirt and cut that. It’s actually just one big 7 yrd. rectangle. Currently I’m sewing on the pleating tape but I stopped to post this. Hopefully I can get the whole thing done by Friday and if I do I’ll post pics of it next week for you all to see.

Today’s piece is page 7 of Stalking the Elusive Quetzal. Still working on The Color of Snow painting as well.

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