Monday, November 3, 2008

APE and Halloween

Halloween was fun. I went to the Illusive Comics Halloween party again and for once there were a ton of people I didn’t know.

Ape was wicked awesome except for the rain. It was raining buckets in the city when we got there and we had to walk a couple blocks to the event. Umbrellas did very little because it was also blustery and the rain was practically raining sideways. So when we got there the whole front of my clothes from head to toe was soaked. First thing we did was eat lunch and then we saw Jennie’s table so we rushed over there. I brought her a goody bag of candy and stuff I had made and we chatted with her for awhile and I got some awesome pins and a sketch form her. You should check out her web comic it’s really good. After that we started in one corner and walked down every table which took us till the event closed.

Other cool people I met were:
Shelly Wan whom I got a large beautiful print from because she’s one of my fav artists.
Camilla d’Errico who is the artist of Nightmares & Fairy Tales. I almost cried when I saw her there because I hadn’t brought my book for her to sign.
Amanda Turnage whom I got a cute kitty shirt from.
Sheatiel Sarao of Binary Winter whom I also got an awesome shirt from
Brittney Lee who gave me some cool book marks.

Me ans Jennie Breeden

Camilla Taylor and her cool plushies


Oompahpah said...

I am dying to see pics from halloween! Can you email them to me or tell me if you have Flickr or Photobucket?

Katgirl Studio said...

i haven't uploaded them yet i'll do that soon.