Monday, August 17, 2009

LA Trip Recap Day 1 Thursday August 6th:

Now that the Conference and our first art & wine festival are over I finally have time to actually write about my trip. I’ve going to split the posts up by day so it doesn’t get to long.

Day 1 Thursday August 6th:

on our way to LA! I will miss our kitties, good thing we have a roommate so they won't get lonely.2:41 AM Aug 6th

When we finally got to the LA area Scott surprised me by taking me to the Santa Monica Pier which I had never been to. We walked on the beach for awhile then walked along the pier.

Photos from the pier:

We ever got to see a pelican soaring around on the air currents.

Around two the aquarium opened up, it was small but very cool. They had little horn and spotted sharks who liked to poke their noses out of the water and dance. One of the little sharks had come from another aquarium that had left him out in the sun. Sadly he now has a permanent black sunburn. We continued to wander around the aquarium till it was time to head to our hotel to check in.

After we checked into the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza we went down to the lobby to meet and chat with other conference attendees.

Photos of the hotel:

More videos from the pier and photos are on my FaceBook

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