Wednesday, October 21, 2009

APE 2009 Recap

APE Exhibitors Mixer at Last Gasp
The Mixer was held in the Last Gasp warehouse and offices. Nothing more awesome that mingling and drinks in rooms filled with books, carnival side show art and two headed stuffed oddities. We hung out with Emily Martin and her friends from Megamoth Studio next to the Sprectrum books. I even found the YOUR FRIEND THE RAT Little Golden book from Pixar I’ve been looking for for two years.

As it turned out table was in a less than stellar location at APE but we made the best of it. About 2 hours into the event on Saturday I lost my voice. Luckily I had my wonderful table mate and boyfriend Aleric to help out and make me a cute sign. Thank you to all the wonderful people who stopped by to support our studio!

We sold out of THE SEA OF IMAGINATION 13x19 Limited Edition GiclĂ©e’s we had at APE. But they are now available in the KatGirl Studio Shop.

A short list of cool people I “talked” to at APE:
Emily Martin
Der-Shing Helmer
William Groebe
Steph laberis
Brittney Lee
Llyn Hunter
Justina Kochansky
The Museum of Lost Wonder

CAM Alternative Press Expo Party: Monsters and Mayhem
On Saturday night Aleric, Erin, Dan and I catched the bus to the Cartoon Art Museum’s Monsters and Mayhem party. The party was tons of fun! Where else would you get to drink beer while sitting in a web comic’s exhibit making Halloween masks out of paper plates, ribbon and crayons? The Disney’s Sleeping Bauty exhibit was fantastic. If you live near SF the Cartoon Art Museum’s current shows are much see!

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