Monday, February 9, 2009

Mini Masterpiece Wearable Art

You’ve asked about them, you’ve waited and now they’re here! KatGirl Studio is proud to announce the arrival of the Mini Masterpiece Wearable Art line of jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted here in the studio using aged metal frames, artisan glass and lamp work beads and high quality fine art paper.

Each piece is sealed in a special formula and set to cure while the metal bases are pieced together. Each piece must adhere to a strict quality control before it is mounted on the base and set to dry overnight.

As part of the pre-launch event KatGirl Studio will be releasing one new Mini Masterpiece each day. Pre-order is available for the remaining unreleased designs. Additionally custom designs from my other works may also be available.

Pick up your very own Mini Masterpiece Wearable piece of art today at the KatGirl Studio shop!

Here are the 12 designs that will be available:
Into the Woods (Little Red Riding Hood)
The Lovers (Forest Meeting)
Snow Leopard portrait
Arctic Fox
The Lion and the Mouse (the lion)
The Color of Snow (the gryphon and his rider)
Stalking the Elusive Quetzal
Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger)
Worpletinger Winter (the maiden and the worlpletinger)
Portrait of a lady
The 7th Door
Equus (a play staring Daniel Radcliffe)

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