Saturday, April 12, 2008

Artsy Display & the Olympics Suck

This piece of mine from my children’s book class was put on display in one of the glass cases at school. While I stopped to take a picture of it to show my mom some girl stopped with her camera and asked if I knew any of the artists. When I pointed to one and told her it was mine she insisted on taking my pic while I stood next to it. This is the second time the school has put my work on display but it still feels weird to walk down the stairs and see your artwork on a wall staring back at you.

On wedsday I left my children’s book class and was on my way home when I saw hordes of people in red going down the street. I asked a few when was going on and they told me the Olympic Torch Run was only 2 blocks away and would be starting in 50min. Though I had a ton of homework to finish at home then chances of ever seeing an Olympic torch run again was pretty slim. Two hours later the count was this: thousands of annoyed onlookers + the entire police force of SF standing in the sun with riot gear and looking pretty dumb + a bunch of helicopters still circling + a bunch of very angered news reporters + less than a hundred very harmless protesters = thousands of inconvenienced and disillusioned people. Since the run passed several Bart, Muni bus and light rail stops all were shut down in the localized area. You could not walk, ride or drive across the torch route either. After the run was an hour late nearly all the police suddenly just left without explanation. I was so angered (an still am) by this event I may go so far as to boycott watching the summer Olympics this year.

On a lighter note I’ve uploaded pics with funny labels of my studio to appease your boredom =^.^=

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